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Group programs and peer support

In addition to individual counseling, are you looking for offers that enable an exchange between students?

Networking and exchange can be important for you for various reasons: Many students with disabilities have the impression that they are the only ones affected and do not know any other students with disabilities. Also in terms of empowerment, it is good to support each other and work out possible solutions together for difficulties that arise.

Invisible but not alone: In this group, students with mental illness have the chance to exchange experiences and support each other on their way to a successful degree.

Together we are strong. In this group, students with AD(H)S develop strategies for successful studies together.

Have you ever thought that it might be useful to use personal support (assistance) for certain demands at university because of your impairment? A new DoBuS offer allows you to try out study assistance without obligation and free of charge for the duration of two semesters. 

You can imagine passing on your experiences in your studies to new students. Then peer mentoring is just the right thing for you.