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If you are arriving by car, park in the handicapped parking spaces on Emil-Figge-Strasse, entrance 17. Enter the building through the entrance next to the handicapped parking spaces and turn right. From now on you go straight ahead. You will pass through a stairwell and enter a hallway. After another staircase, the corridor leads to the large foyer of the building. You continue straight ahead and cross it. You pass the adjacent stairwell and reach a small foyer. There you turn for the first time. The corridor leading to the DoBuS rooms branches off to the left. A large sign indicates this. All doors you have to pass are equipped with automatic or electric door openers.

If you arrive by train, take the elevator from the platform to the first floor (EG). You are next to the university library, the building Emil-Figge-Straße 50 with the DoBuS premises is in northern direction from you, i.e. behind the big stairs. Walk towards the stairs to the right of the ticket machine, you will then walk towards a paved path next to the exit to the train (S-Bahn) in the direction of Dortmund central station. The path rises slightly and leads in an arc towards the building Emil-Figge-Straße 44. In front of its entrance, at the apex of the path, turn left onto the descending path. It leads straight to the main entrance of Emil-Figge-Straße 50. Enter the building through this entrance and you will reach the foyer. Turn left there. Cross the foyer and the adjacent staircase and you will reach a small foyer. There, the corridor leading to the DoBuS rooms branches off to the left. A large sign indicates this. All doors you have to pass are equipped with automatic or electric door openers.

From both possible directions to the TU Dortmund, two staircases, parallel to the platform, lead to the surface after exiting at the underground train station. Be careful, a third staircase, which is located slightly away next to an elevator and runs diagonally to the platform, leads to the H-Bahn.

The guidance system for the blind begins at the surface. From the direction of Düsseldorf, follow the guidance system to the first branching point and take the only option at a 90° angle to the right or left. The next branching point leads to the second platform for trains coming from the direction of Dortmund. If you are coming from this direction and the escalator is on the right side of the steps, turn right at the first branching point, otherwise turn left. If you have come from the direction of Düsseldorf, continue straight ahead here. At the junction in front of you, follow the path that runs diagonally to the right. Go up the stairs with three steps. From the end of the stairs, follow the guidance system for about two meters to the next junction point and from here go diagonally to the right. The following two junction points only mark changes in the path, there are no further junctions here. After 120 meters you will reach another branching point directly in front of the entrance to the building Emil-Figge-Straße 50. Turn right to enter the building.

You will enter the building Emil-Figge-Straße 50 and immediately to your right is the porter's lodge, which is usually permanently manned.

The DoBuS rooms are located on the first floor of Tract B. To reach them, you must turn left immediately after entering the building, leave the foyer through a glass wing door, cross the staircase and enter Tract B through the opposite glass wing door.

The DoBuS rooms are located in the first corridor on the left behind a glass wing door that opens towards you.