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Are you studying at TU Dortmund University with a disability or chronic illness? Health impairments that may become relevant in the study are...

  • mobility and movement impairments

  • Visual impairment/blindness

  • Hearing impairment/deafness

  • Speech impairments (e.g. stuttering)

  • Psychological disorders/illnesses (e.g. depression, eating disorders)

  • Chronic physical diseases (e.g. diabetes, multiple sclerosis, intestinal diseases)

  • specific developmental disorders of scholastic skills (e.g. AD(H)S, dyslexia, dyscalculia)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders/Neurodiversity

  • Other prolonged impairments or serious illnesses (e.g., cancer)

In the process of studying with disabilities or chronic illnesses, a wide range of questions, individual needs or even obstacles can occur. DoBuS provides students with guidance on all of these matters.


What questions do we advise on? How and when can we be reached? More Information around our services for students with disabilities.

Towards the end of a course of study with a disability or chronic illness, new questions often arise during the transition to work. DoBuS also advises on this. More Information on the counseling around the Final Period of Studies.