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Center for Higher Education

Accessible Media and Assistive Technology

With a variety of digital learning materials and environments, studying can become easier and more accessible. Yet there are still numerous obstacles that complicate the use of assistive technology and finding the individually appropriate assistive technologies and work methods can be an arduous task. For students with impairments, DoBuS offers support and advice on how to study accessibly and with the appropriate assistive technologies and work techniques.


At DoBuS, we support students in many different settings. The services we provide:

DoBuS trains and advises students with disabilities on how to overcome difficulties with the learning and communication platforms, software and tools used at TU Dortmund University. Along with this, DoBuS is engaged in addressing any barriers in the learning materials and environments. 

DoBuS converts study materials for students with sensory impairments into a form suitable for their needs. Exam materials are adapted for students with a recognized disadvantage compensation. 

n the workroom, students can work academically on PCs equipped with assistive devices for the specific needs of students with disabilities. Disability-experienced staff counsel and instruct students in the use of appropriate assistive devices in coordination with the software used in their studies.