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Center for Higher Education

Ongoing Projects

The project seeks to establish improved support services for students with impairment-related study time delays and interruptions. More information on the project "Delaying and/or study interruptions".

The BMBF-funded project DoProfiL aligns the teacher training program at TU Dortmund University towards inclusion. The task of DoBuS is to support all project participants with higher education didactic programs to teach inclusion in an inclusive way. More information on the project “DoProfil”.

In the peer mentoring project, DoBuS offers high school students, prospective students, and students in their first semesters a new service that supports the university orientation period as well as the start of their studies. More information on "Peer Mentoring".

In the project DEGREE 4.0 funded by the BMBF an accessible video-based learning platform for reflective teacher education has been designed and researched. In DEGREE 5.0 the work with the platform will be extended to the second phase of teacher education. The primary focus of DoBuS is the production of accessible videos.

In the BMBF-funded K4D project, TU Dortmund University is researching how the targeted use of digital media can promote collaborative learning processes among students in teacher training. DoBuS focuses particularly on the question of how digital cooperation can be designed to be accessible. More information on "K4D".

The competence center for digital accessibility (called is supporting the institutions of higher education in NRW with their implementation of legal requirements for digital accessibility. The aim is to break down existing barriers and to improve accessibility in the fields of studying and teaching. The project is funded by For more informations about the project visit: "".