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Center for Higher Education


As part of a central scientific institution of TU Dortmund University, DoBuS not only fulfills service tasks, but also carries out research and project development. The research projects, which are mainly practice- or application-based, aim to improve the circumstances of students with disabilities. The needs of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses have to be identified and systematically analyzed in the counseling process. In accordance with the Dortmund work approach, these needs are an essential starting point for the development of projects. The projects address the transition from school to university, the period of higher education as such, as well as the transition from university to professional life.  In the context of projects, new offers and services are designed, tested, and, if necessary, consolidated and implemented in the university structure. All of DoBuS’ services were set up this way.  Since the services and offers set up by DoBuS often have an exemplary function for other universities, the distribution of the project results is an important component of the project work.

Moreover, DoBuS participates in projects of the TU Dortmund University and with its extensive expertise and knowledge on the topic of disability and studies conducts joint projects with non-university cooperation partners.  In the context of the disability mainstreaming, the aim is to ensure that the topic of disability and study is considered from the outset in new and further higher education developments. This is important to avoid potential sources of discrimination and disadvantage and to realize opportunities for equal participation in higher education. The Participation in various scientific discourses (Disability Studies, ICT, Higher Education Research and Didactics, Education and Educational Sciences etc.) enables DoBuS to examine recent developments with regard to their relevance to the topic of disability and study and, if necessary, to take into account possibilities in its own research and project work.